The difference between what you get from DSS Coin and Bullion, and what you get from the competition is that we are truly passionate about what we do. DSS Coin and Bullion began because of David Schroeder’s love of coins that persists to this day. It is what we grew from, and what we still put great care into. We buy gold and silver coins as well as collectible coins and we always use the most up-to-date prices and best practices. We are always honest and offer high quality customer service.

DSS Coin and Bullion is constantly, and aggressively purchasing:

  • Private Mint One Ounce Gold and Silver Rounds
  • Private Mint Once Ounce Gold and Silver Bars
  • Private Mint Gold Bars and Rounds Over One Ounce
  • United States American Gold Eagles One Ounce and fractional
  • South African Krugerrand Gold Coins One Ounce and Fractional
  • Canadian Maple-leaf Gold Coins
  • All Foreign Gold and Silver Coins